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A Gift from her Teachers

The Bear’s two preschool teachers gave all the kids in the class (she has since moved on to Pre-Kindergarten) a really inventive holiday gift – a mix CD of songs selected specially for each of them. The Bear’s song – “The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow” from Annie and the liner notes comment: “Our optimist with a true love for music. Here she comes Broadway!” The Bear loves dancing to the lead track “Kung Fu Fighter” and grooves to most of the other tunes as well.

An awesome present! Similar to the idea we had for her first Birthday party giveaway.

A little battle sprouted up but luckily was diffused somewhat quickly Sunday afternoon. We wanted to swap CD players (The Bear’s for the Mouse’s as Bear’s has the repeat-all function) because we were thinking that the lack of continuous music is part of the reason the Mouse takes naps in 20 minute increments (earning the new nickname – RoboBaby because she seems generally unaffected by the lack of sleep). At school the Mouse sleeps like a champ under a cloud of rather loud, never-ending lullabies in the mass-crib room. Sunday’s nap after the switch: 2 3/4 hours. Hmmm…the Bear is not getting that thing back! Sunday marked the first time ever, I think, that the two of the took long naps at the same time. A beautiful thing.

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