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No motivation to write anything. Blame it on the current hectic nature of my day job, the utterly frustrating home-construction work we have been having done since September which has my house cluttered to the point of near-personal emotional-breakdown and my efforts to beef up World’s Fair, my t-shirt and gifts shop, in time for the holiday shopping season.

Here is what’s goin’ down in OWTK Land:

  • Gustafer Yellowgold show at World Cafe Live in Philly this Saturday morning. Very excited to see Rachel and Morgan again and to hear the new tunes live.
  • The Mrs. and I will be in NYC tonight for the play Things We Want. A much needed night out alone in the Big Apple.
  • So many cool Art & Artist related books for infants, toddlers and young readers on the market today. I am still trying to finish up a review of some of the best. Hopefully this will be done by the weekend and you will still have some time to pick up one or two before Christmas…should you deem them interesting-sounding enough.
  • Also in the pipeline is my review of D.C. in a Day. We had a great time and have some cool tips and tricks for visiting the homeless-capital of the country on a time crunch and a budget.
  • The use of formula for the Mouse is going well. I am putting her to sleep a lot which is nice and she is sleeping well. The weight lifted from the Mrs. has, as I expected, increased her milk production. It’s all good.
  • We just got the official OWTK Christmas tree last night. Normally, if the house was not filled with crap, we would have been decorated and ready for Santa weeks ago. The Bear was giddy to finally secure the Douglas Fir and to have the house smellin’ like the outdoors.

That’s just about brings ya up to speed. Until next time…

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