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Sharpen your vocabulary (or be reminded just how dumb you are) over at FreeRice.com and help feed the hungry.

My vocab level is a surprising 31. Considering I never use words like vexatious when discussing TV ads and those never-ending 1/8 of-the-screen promos during the holiday programming on ABC Family, I am amazed by my performance in just a few quick moments… providing 350 grains of rice to the U.N. Yes, we turned off the football game yesterday to watch “Rudolph’s Shiny New Year” and “A Year Without A Santa” being sure to switch the channel before the heavy-handed self-promos kicked into high gear along with numerous debt consolidation ads (who exactly is their target audience on a Sunday afternoon)

I sincerely hope your holiday season is going well. This being the Mouse’s first Christmas, I was wishing things would be ideal but in fact they’ve been quite crappy (how about that vocabulary?) thanks to the ongoing home remodel work around our pad (that little 5 week job that started on Labor Day). We are at our wits-end.

Saturday’s Gustafer Yellowgold show was terrific. Easily the best the band’s played in the three shows we’ve seen. Morgan’s stage presence is superb and his dialogue with the kids in the crowd is witty, slightly-sarcastic and proves to be just the right amount to set up the tunes and engage the youngsters. 2008 is shaping up to be rather exciting for Gustafer…I won’t break any news until the band gives me the greenlight, but expect Gusty to be popping up in new places and media-types early next year.

Pictures of the show (and a video if I can figure that out) coming….

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