So Much Time So Little To Do

Maybe in December

So much for those rock-n-roll plans…The Decemberist’s have just canceled the remainder of their “Long of it, Short of it” Tour. We were literally on our way out the door to drop the girls off at my folks and head up to NYC for the 1st of a two night stay at Terminal 5. Thank god for the Internet, email and my trusty iPhone. All those technological wonders saved us from a loooong commute and an incredibly frustrating non-concert going experience.

Have no fear! The Mrs. and I will still get a night out together…instead of the big apple, we will have a nice dinner in Philly and see Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead starring my favorite actor, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, tomorrow evening. Also in the Sidney Lumet picture are Ethan Hawke and Brian O’Byrne – both of whom we recently saw on stage in The Coast of Utopia.

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