So Much Time So Little To Do

Justin Roberts and The Little Dancer

Tomorrow, the OWTK gang heads to our Nation’s Capital for the Justin Roberts show (w/ the full band!) at National Geographic Live!

We will also be hitting the National Galley of Art to check out Degas’ Little Dancer Aged Fourteen statue. Thanks to the awesome Laurence Anholt book on the subject, the Bear is extremely excited for the chance to see the statue in person. We own a fair amount of books about art and artists. Not that we are avid art lovers, we simply try to appreciate the works even if we are not always 100% clear on what makes them so special/famous/important/etc.
Assuming I can find the time next week, I will present some of the best kiddie art/artist books that we enjoy. Maybe your little painters/playdoh artists and such will find them delightful in their stocking later next month. Look for a cool giveaway in conjunction with this piece…something that will make a rather cool toddler Christmas gift.
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