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The Sweetest Thing

During our annual pumpkin picking trip this past Sunday, the Bear picked up a jack-be-little pumpkin for Kitty. It has been tradition for us to purchase a pumpkin for each member of the family, a sort of round, orange and seasonal version of ourselves to be on display in the family room. Upon returning home, the Bear positioned Kitty’s little pumpkin smack-dab in her spot, on the back of the loveseat. You can still see Kitt’s indentation on the top cushion, just to the right of the pumpkin. It was the sweetest thing ever, and it killed my wife and I. Tears flooded down our faces from the instant the jack-be-little hit the fabric.
I think the Bear is getting it. She is, in her own way, showing us that she misses her cat and understands on some basic level that she will never be on the back of the couch again.

In addition to the loss of our family pet, I have been terribly ill since Sunday evening. I have been remise then, during this rough week, to tell you all how very good the new Gustafer Yellowgold DVD is, how interesting the new Buck Howdy disc is, and that a new compilation of “For Our Children” songs was released and features Bob Dylan doing “This Old Man” and a surprising good Bette Midler tune “Blueberry Pie” (there is a sentence I never thought I would write).

Hopefully I get back on schedule soon and can give these releases the attention they deserve.

Until very well.

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