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Not Ready for the Cloth

No, I am not considering the Priesthood (but I’m not ready for that either).

I am just itching to use our cloth diapers. We have dozens of them from the bear-baby-era, just waiting to spring into pee-absorbin’/poopy-catchin’ action. Problem is, the mouse is leaner than the bear at this age and the size medium Fuzzi Bunz still are too big for her. I loath buying disposable diapers, even 7th Generation brand, and look forward to the day when I am doing twice as much laundry and NOT dropping $10+ on a pack of 48 size two diaps.

Never considered cloth diapers? Read what I think about Fuzzi Bunz. They are not your grandmother’s cloth, not even close. Instead they are a snazzy, easy to snap (no safety pins people), easy to clean and – best of all – money saving over time (assuming your child is not a skinny-legged lass like the Mouse) alternative to disposables.

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