So Much Time So Little To Do

On the road with OWTK

So this afternoon we embark on a bit of a road trip. We are packing up the girls and driving up to Manhattan to have dinner and see The National play at the South Street Seaport. (Edit: No we’re not. I cannot muster up the energy to drive 2 hours north only to end up 4 hours south. Maybe I am losing my rock-n-roll edge or just being a little wiser – or perhaps a bit of both). Instead, we are going to meander south, stopping for some Inner Harbor action (paddle boats anyone?) and dinner before continuing on…to Charlottesville, Virginia. We are spending a couple nights in a hotel outside of D.C. to break up the drive down and then again back home after the show…oh! yes, I have not yet mentioned why the drive to VA. We are going to see John Prine and Josh Ritter there – to lay on a blanket outside on the grass with the girls under the stars and the 52 degree temps (wow – sweatshirt weather in mid-August in Virginia – how perfect!)

This is part one of our week long music marathon. On Monday night, the Mrs. and I (sans children) are heading to Philly to see Wolf Parade and then on Tuesday night the whole family will be at Longwood Gardens for an ice cream social, firefly night, colorful water/fountain show and a Justin Roberts performance. Sounds awesome, no?

Oh, by the way – I didn’t suck last night. I shut down the laptop, kept the TV off and engaged my gal in almost 4 hours of one on one play. Guess what, she slept good too! How rad!

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