So Much Time So Little To Do

Where to begin

I have been woefully absent from this page lately. Work is busy, home life hectic, blah blahblah…

Anyway, the OWTK 4 had a pretty cool, long weekend. So, let’s begin at the start. On Friday (my Friday off – man I love that schedule at work) we decided on a trip to the Elmwood Park Zoo in Norristown. Last time there we became members and this was our triumphant return. We arrived 1/2 hour after they opened to find about a dozen school buses just unloading their cargo. ugh!
As a result, we did not have as good a time as I envisioned. The place was mobbed and we could hardly move around the smallish animal park.

Afterwards, we stopped at the very cool Frosty Falls for ice cream cones. Little did we know, Frosty Falls also serves as a sandwich shop. I spotted Sarcone’s style sesame seed rolls in a brown paper bag above spotless stainless steel deli slicers and couldn’t help myself. I passed on a cone for an fresh sliced Italian hoagie. We would end up eating lunch and ice cream, enjoying the amazing breeze coming off the falls at their one high top table in the corner.

With bellies full, we sat outside on one of the benches angeled to look towards the scenic vista, watching the falls, looking for bugs and seeing our girl jump and dance around.

Not wanting to head home just yet as the weather was so incredibly perfect. Seriously, when was the last time it was 70 degrees, sunny and breezy with no humidity in late-July around these East Coast parts?

while the kiddies slept soundly in the back. We were listening to the So, we took a very out of the way drive up Rt 422 to Pottstownsuperb new album from Okkervil River called “The Stage Names” (when you pre-order from you get an email with a link to download the full records two weeks early – how rad!) so I did not mind the drive at all. With nice weather and great music, I could drive forever.

We ended up at March Creek Park where we considered a lake boat tour (1 hr tour would cost $45 for the three of us over the age of 3 – that is nuts! Almost at much as the NY Waterway tour of New York Harbor!). We passed and instead just enjoyed the wind and watched others paddle, sail, and (wind) surf. #2 likes the feel of the grass on her little 7-week old toes. Too damn cute.

An awesome day, mostly out of doors. Okay, this is getting too long. I will spread it out a bit and post separately about the fun we had on Sunday and Monday (when my gal and I played hooky!)

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