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I Can't See, C or Sea

I had an eye doctor appointment last night and when I arrived it was brought to my attention that I have no vision coverage with Aetna. Hmm. I went out to my car, called Aetna and sure enough – I do not. I have Davis Vision. So I called them. Now, calling service providers ranks pretty darn low on the big list of things I enjoy doing, so the fact that I needed to call another place and, probably, sit on hold some more annoyed me greatly. Luckily enough, the young lady who answered the phone (and did so quickly), Danielle, was maybe the best customer service representative I have ever spoken to – in my life. Seriously. She was great. I have no idea where she is located, but I contemplated inviting her over for dinner.

Turns out that my usual eye doctor (I have seen him once, for my first and only pair of glasses – so I am not married to his office at all) does not take Davis Vision. I have to make another appointment, with a new doctor,and who knows when I will do that – I have a nasty habit of putting such tasks off indefinitely (as my mother and wife know far too well).

So I have been reminded that not all telephone operators are terrible people, serving no purpose in the world, save to aggravate the consumer. I will be awash in the warm glow of surprisingly great service, at least until the next time I am forced to call Comcast or Cingular.

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