Sunset on the beach with my girls

A beautiful sunset is some of the best (and free) entertainment one can experience and we had the distinct pleasure of witnessing (and obsessively photographing) a stellar one tonight on Clearwater Beach. We stood shin deep in water, about 5 paces west of a cool little sand bar (our own private island as far as our little one was concerned) and watched the day draw to a close. Remarkable doesn’t quite seem appropriate.

We then had a late and enjoyable dinner at Columbia on Sand Key. I went with the Pompano fish stuffed with crabmeat, shrimp and artichoke hearts and baked in parchment paper. Awesome. After we finished eating out on the deck we relaxed and enjoyed the gulf coast breeze as my girl fell asleep in my arms with my outer layer tee shirt (I always wear two) wrapped around her.

Is there anything better than a child falling asleep in your arms? Yeah, it happening beachfront with a cool wind blowing through your hair.

A good sleep is ahead for all. I am barely awake watching the Ohio St. / Tennessee game.

Until Friday…


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