Phillies vs. Braves

Arriving just a bit before the scheduled first pitch meant a lot of game day traffic and a far away parking spot (we would have needed a shuttle bus just to get to the shuttle bus!) for the sold out contest between the hometown Phillies and the Atlanta Braves. Brett Myers was scheduled to start today, but because the Fightin’ Phils face off with these Braves on opening day in a couple weeks, he was held back (for he will be the starter that day and the club mustn’t revel anything!)

Our seats for the game this afternoon were 2 rows from the field, along the left field side. We were baking in the midday Florida sun and only lasted about 2 innings in this prime location. Instead, we walked the concourse, played in the playground (which is not shaded at all) and tried to stay in the shade as much as possible.

The game was pretty darn dull. We saw the normal starting lineup again (Rolling, Utley, Howard, etc.) which was cool but as a team, they had nothing going offensively.

The better show was on the water after the game…and I will tell you about that in the morning. I am sleepy. Goodnight all.


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