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No Tears, Clean Teeth

A very good experience today at the dentist. The office had a very comfy feel and the lobby had a working mechanical rocking horse – which was awesome. If they could figure our how to do the exam on that thing, they would have a goldmine on their hands as kids would be begging to go to the dentist!

Our girl walked out of the office with a bag of goodies. A new toothbrush, a sticker of a big tooth, a sugar free lollipop, a kid-friendly dino-floss thingy and a suction cup dino head that holds a pencil. The take was akin to Halloween!

The Dr. showed her all the equipment being used on a toothy stuffed alligator first and got her comfortable with the fact that he will be working/looking inside her mouth. He started with the cool round mirror tool and then broke out the tooth tickler. She choose grape flavored paste but I did not see him use it at all. He just brushed her teeth with the device, dry. We were in and our in 15 minutes.

Not bad at all, overall, no crying or fits = a good time.

Back in 6 months for another cleaning/exam.

J&J Dino Floss

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