New Shoes

We, as a family, bought six pairs of shoes this weekend. I can only stake claim to one of them, these rockin’ kicks seen here. Rockports. Lovely. I have wanted a shoes like this for a loooong time and finally found the perfect pair.
They are so comfy.
I bought them in Philly and wore them out of the store ’cause I was so excited.

I almost walked into several trash cans, street signs and light poles while on the city streets. I was looking down the whole time, thinking – man, these look great!

We are heading to Florida in a couple weeks, for a splash in the Gulf and a couple Phillies spring training games. Naturally, the gals needed new footwear, dresses, pajamas and other assorted summertime gear to make the trip down south.

A very expensive weekend, all in all.

Oh, the birthday party went well. Someone showed up with Baby Disney Princess merchandise. Not very happy at all. For 3 years and one day we managed to keep that stuff out of the house and her life and there it was – wrapped in princess paper as well, as if the gift itself wasn’t enough! Amazing that this individual is not hip enough to what we do as a family to leave the Disney merch on the shelves and try a little harder with a crafty or art related item. Ahh, family.

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