Feminism Meme

I was tagged over at Bumblebee Sweet Potato, one of my favorite morning reads.

The meme topic: Name your five favorite things about feminism. Hmmm, from a guy’s perspective…here we go:

1. Enjoying a foreign language film, a sporting event, a play and shopping for wallpaper and window treatments in the same weekend without comment.
2. The restaurant check being placed in the middle of the table, not handed to me.
3. My wife being promoted while pregnant (and showing).
4. My daughter will be allowed to play ice hockey, soccer or just about any sport she wishes to try AND play with dolls and wear dresses.
5. After a decade of dedication and hard work at the independent drug store that employers her, my mom is allowed to ascend to the role of pharmacist assistant, from part time cashier, with no formal training and no college education. Can’t imagine she would have been allowed to do that 20 or 30 years ago.

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