Watery Poo

Our girl was sent home from school yesterday after dropping 5, count ’em 5, diarrhea poopies in a little over 3 hours. Now that is what I call productivity!

She is a fine spirits otherwise, but there are some nasty bugs floating about her classroom right now – so she is home again today and hopefully we will be able to find accommodations for the remainder of the week. Would hate to send her back with her defenses possibly down and catch something else lingering in there and then be the vehicle for maintaining that vicious cycle of sickness hot potato.

I find myself dreaming of Spring. Warmer sun, longer days, open windows and outdoor fun. I romanticize that, in Spring, there is no sickness because the air is so warm and fresh and clean. Then I remember that in Spring ear infections report to camp along with pitchers and catchers.

Oh well, it is always something.

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