Kid's Music or Music by Kids?

Two sisters. 12 and 14. On Barsuk. Opened for Sufjan, Cat Power, Pearl Jam, Rilo Kiley and Death Cab. SMOOSH (that’s their band name).

I feel pretty comfortable saying that all kids, especially young ladies, need to be listening to these gals.

Listen to a couple songs and watch a video here.

Read a CBS article about Smoosh here.

Great MSNBC article here, with this quote:

Does [Asya] think the duo have anything in common with the JoJo’s and other teen pop acts of the world?

“I guess we have some stuff in common. I mean we both like to perform and stuff. But our types of music are totally different,” she says.
“[It’s] the way we write our songs and stuff. They’re more of just performers and we’re musicians. I wouldn’t be able to call myself an artist if I didn’t write songs or play anything.”

There is hope.

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