So Much Time So Little To Do

An Evening of Bad Basketball

The 76ers, OWTK’s hometown pro basketball franchise is fairly terrible at the present time. Earlier this season we traded our only superstar player, Allen Iverson, and cut an oft-injured and expensive piece of dead-weight in Chris Webber. However, none of that is going to stop us from taking in the action tonight when the 76ers square of against the equally poor Golden State Warriors.

I received the tickets for my birthday because my favorite pro bball player is a Golden State Warrior, former Michigan Stater Jason Richardson, but he is injured right now so I will not get a chance to watch him play tonight.

I much prefer the college game, but since my little one has never witnessed a basketball game live and in person, we figured that even though I can name maybe only 4 total players between both teams…what the heck – let’s go!

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