The Further Education of OWTK

The more and more I think about that post two days ago, the more I am upset with myself for some of the assertions and assumptions I made and the overall tone of voice I employed. It is outrageous to think that other 2 year old kids are “holding” anyone else back from learning. I sound like a parent that I do not think I am and certainly do not long to be. I do not wish to partake, ever, in a sort of parental pissing competition about whose kid can do what, when. I am also not the over-zealous dad that will push their child into activities, sports, etc. simply to keep up with others or satisfy my own desire to see them perform in such an arena. I have no need for any of that nonsense. But you probably would not know that by reading OWTK this week.

I do not blame at all, any parent who would have read what I wrote and thought “what an arrogant, pompous ass”. I can see how that reaction would be possible and justified.

The thing about the site’s tag line of “Parent Differently” is not to say better/best, but differently and sometime I get caught up in how “cool” some of things are that come out of our efforts and I need to get better at how I share those things. The intention is not to build up one position by putting down another or to heap praise on one child by negatively attacking the abilities or skills of others. That is a terrible thing to even hint at doing to children.


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