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Scared of the Dark

My wife put the little one to bed last night and asked her why she can be heard kicking the side of her crib and calling out “No, No, No!!!” the past couple nights. She said, no joke:

“Well, you see, I know that my Christmas Tree is in my room and my friends are in my room but at night I wake up and I look at them and I see a monster but I know they are not monsters. So, I don’t know.”


She went on to single out the old fashion-style dolly that sits up high on a shelf in her room, next to her log cabin piggy bank. Seems this “friend” is the one that frightens her in the middle of the night and I can absolutely see how that would be likely. This doll looms overhead in a stringy hair, dark black eyes, elongated arms kind of way. Yeah, she IS a little freaky…even during the day! That doll no longer sits on that shelf. She is taking a vacation, a very loooong vacation.

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