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Monday, Sucky Monday

Oh man did this morning stink to the high heavens. Daughter was up at 3, 3:30, 4:30 and then again at 5am…screaming that she doesn’t want her blanket (to which we were eventually shouting back in a daze, “then take it off”)

When eventually awake for good at 6:30am, she was could be seen flopping like a wide-mouthed bass when told that she needed to get dressed for school real quick before coloring, playing, eating some breakfast, etc. Nothing like a pre-dawn tantrum & timeout combo platter to get the day moving in the right direction.

The weekend was so nice too. We did nothing, barely left the house. It was dreamy. Just playing with our own stuff. We let her stay up late (9pm) to have a movie night on Saturday. Watched the always delightful Curious George DVD. What a good flick.

How was your weekend?

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