So Much Time So Little To Do

MLK Day of Service

We are super excited to be participating in the Martin Luther King Day of Service again this year. This day is organized to get people who do not normally volunteer, to volunteer in their community. And to raise awareness of the need for volunteerism. We do not do nearly as much as we should, or would like, to but this day works out really well for us and enables us to chip in and do something meaningful with our day off. Since work is closed and school is open, we can drop our girl off as usual and then focus 100% of our energy on the task(s) at hand. This year we will be prepared food, playing basketball with children, helping the kids make a MLK banner and lending a hand with any number of other things that need to be done at a shelter for women and children.

We will bring our little one into the fold at some point but for now, we tell her about the things we do and peek her interest verbally. In the next year or two, we will start to bring her out with us when we lend a hand.

Anyone have experience volunteering with children by your side?


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