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Excellent Day of Volunteering – MLK Jr. Day of Service

We volunteered for about five hours yesterday, a few towns over at a Youth and Women’s center. They have after school programs for kids and many things going on during the day for Mom’s and their youngsters; tutoring, life advice, educational programs, etc.
Great people providing wonderful and much needed services to the community.

We colored “PEACE” and “COMMUNITY” banners with the little ones and hung them proudly in the gym. We also cleaned up and organized the books, crafts, puzzles and board games and left them neatly stacked in the supply cabinets. Mostly though, I played ball with dozens of kids, age 3-16 or there-abouts. Basketball, Football, Kickball…it was great. I even managed to make it through the whole day without injury, quite an accomplishment for me!

It was a rewarding day. We ate chilli and rice together while watching an interesting cartoon program about the life of Dr. King. Afterwards, the kids were encouraged to ask and answer questions about his life and the impact of his work that we still can see today, 30+ years after his death.

We want to sign up and lend a hand there more often. We always feel like that upon leaving a volunteer event. Hopefully this time we can make it a reality.


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