A Retraction

Yesterdays post about my daughter’s school and their current curriculum was a bit off base and in re-reading my own words I feel that I did not express myself properly, not even close. I do understand that schools cannot cater to individual students, unless the situation involves a private tutor. That is only practical with a student teacher ratio that is anything different than 1:1.
And while my girl does know most of her letters, the practice and extra exposure to them that she is getting in school is not a bad thing at all. I was foolish to be so critical of something so inherently educational and that comes from a good, honest place.

As I mentioned in the last comment I left under that post, I have never sat down with the school leadership and discussed my position on this matter. It is rather unfair to post here about anything that may bug me without making an effort to correct/change/better a situation elsewhere.

An important lesson. It seems Dad still needs to learn some basic things as well.


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