So Much Time So Little To Do

The Evens

I am thinking about taking Lil’ OWTK down to Philly on Wednesday night to see The Evens – the newish Ian MacKaye (Fugazi) and Amy Farina (Warmers) project. I figure it may be the only time she would get to see Mr. Fugazi/Dischord Records. The Evens play some quiet music, so it should be okay for her. Plus, there is a female in the band and that would be cool – she can see that ladies can rock with the boys.

Tickets are $5 (of course) and kids get in free (how cool is that?). Plus she would get to see a show at “The Church”, where Daddy once booked some shows himself, in a former life.

The problem is: the show is at 9pm. So we would, at best, be staying for a mere 1/2 hour or so and then she could fall asleep on the drive home.

What to do?


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