Dinner with a side of Christmas Lights

The Mrs. and the weeble (our name for #2) were craving a cheeseburger tonight so we headed out to a little chain place called Cheeburger Cheeburger. It is set up like a 50’s diner and the kid’s meal comes in a colorful cardboard (she went with the pink) Thunderbird (the perfect sized toy car for a little stuffed animal!)

The burgers and shakes at Cheeburger are delicious. Next door to the restaurant is a Hoover Vacuum store, which was closed. Inside was a big tree with blinking multi-colored bulbs and a shining star sitting on the top. My girl, who is infatuated with Christmas lights this season wanted to go inside. When we told her the vacuum store was closed she said:

“But I am in the mood to shop for vacuums!”

Oh, the things that come from those little mouths.


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