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TV Ads encouraging kids to watch less TV? Hmmm….

Odd, strange, suspect…yes, indeed – all of the above!

Why, how bizarre to pay for and place a television ad that mocks the excessive television/video game culture. For if less people were in front of the TV less people would, one could extrapolate, be viewing the advertisement. Well, that is the approach taken in the latest Honda off-road motorbike ad campaign.

In a clever scene, we view two young boys in front of the tube, playing an X-Games-ish style of video game, when all of a sudden one of the stars of that game begins talking to them directly. He stresses that he did not achieve his status by sitting around doing nothing/watching tv/playing video games. He encourages them to not only get out from in front of the TV but also get outside (GASP!). Naturally, Honda and this extreme sports star (whose name completely escapes me) would like your kids to be outside on one of their bikes, but that message is secondary – at least for me. I am filled with glee to see ANY non-passive message sent to the youth of today, even if it comes with a little commercial push. In this case, that is a worthwhile trade off.


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