Quick Monday morning update

After an aggrevating morning, Sunday afternoon turned out okay. We did not drive to Philly, so Franklin Square Park and the Baby Loves Disco dance party had three less in attendance but we did regain some sort of normalcy around the house. Our girl napped for over 2 hours and woke up in good spirits. She then slept through the night (well, until 5:45am) and woke up as happy as a clam. Dare I say we have turned the corner?

Mrs. OWTK does 99.9% of the beadtime duties in our house, while I clean up from dinner and prepare lunch for the follow day, but last night we switched it up. In another effort to break up the routine and jolt the process just enough to effect a change, I put her to bed. I read her the last half of Blueberries for Sal and discussed, at length, the drawing inside the back cover – that of Sal and her Mother pouring their berries into glass jars in their old fashion kitchen. I then read Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, which is maybe the funniest children’s book ever written. I never tire of it (unlike Blueberris for Sal!). I also switched CDs – out went Raffi and in went Jack Johnson’s Curious George soundtrack (on repeat). Normally, we let one cd play and that is it, she is asleep before it comes to an end. Last night, I figured I would loop this one so it plays all night. Something worked! I will surely be repeating the new pattern tonight and hoping for the best.

The OWTK Holiday Gift Guide will be picking up again this afternoon…


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