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OWTK 2006 Holiday Gift Guide – Online Coupons

Maybe I am the last internet user to realize this but there are TONS of coupon codes available online. While the Mrs. and I put the finishing touches on a sizable order from Back to Basics Toys this weekend we discovered that shipping costs came to an alarming $16. On a lark, I opened another tab on my wonderful macbook and searched “back to basics toy coupons” and what to my wondering eyes should appear but a free shipping coupon from CouponCraze.com (were you expecting reindeer?)

Needless to say, I was very pleased with myself. The find qualified for a kiss on the cheek from the Mrs. for saving the family a few duckets.

Coupon Craze is only one service pulling in all these codes, some for free shipping, some for a % or $ off an order at the Lego Store, Amazon.com, Discovery Store, Disney Store, Hearth Song, eToys and many many more. Just search _______ (fill in name of store, toy or otherwise) and the word “coupon”. You are bound to find hundreds of matches and several valid codes to save a couple hard earned dollar bills this holiday shopping season (or any time of year!)


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