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OWTK 2006 Holiday Gift Guide – Give a Gift from Your Childhood

Thanks to eBay and other online trading/auction houses finding a long-lost doll, toy, video, or book that was a favorite of your own childhood is easier than ever. Giving one of these items as a gift to a child, your own or another special little person in your life, represents a special and unique method of transferring those cherished memories to a new generation.

Years back, I purchased all the original Strawberry Shortcake VHS videos and a near-mint Strawberry Shortcake doll (still with berry scented breath – even after 20+ years!) for my redheaded wife. She was ecstatic. I found all of these “antique” items on eBay. I paid a premium for them, but the look on her face that Christmas morning was well worth the expense. She still considers the doll, which I had encased in a protective wood and glass case, the best gift she has ever received.

This holiday season, why not think back to the one thing you cherised most as a child and try to hunt it down in a parent’s attic or online. Chances are, someone is selling IT in good condition. These types of gifts may not be flashy, fancy, or high-tech but they mean the most and are the ones that, come February, still may carry some weight and a heightened level of importance to a child.


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