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Oh the things they say…

Our girl typically wakes up around 6:00 or 6:30am. She is still in a crib, so she calls out to either myself or the Mrs. to come get her and promptly gives us our first raspberry of the day, on the side of our neck (she is a raspberry machine). Normally, we bring her back to bed with us and we’ll fall asleep together for another 15-30 minutes or enjoy a little early morning silliness before work/daycare. This ritual is usually the best part of my weekdays. To spend that time watching her sleep or witnessing the groggy goofiness is priceless. This morning was no different. She has her arms around my neck and whispers “Daddy, you and Mommy are my best friends”.

Moments like that are why people keep having kids. Somehow those little devils manage to push aside the memories of vomitting all over the car, crying nonstop in the middle of the night and whining over a misplaced toy and allow us to only reflect back on those “perfect moments”, to quote the late great Spalding Gray.


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