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Fast Food is Yucky!

We, as a family, loath fast food.

We hate everything about it: the quality, the concept, the marketing, the convienence, and the “fast”. But because we are a sports-lovin’ bunch and the television is on for much of Saturday and Sunday afternoons in the Fall, some things, like terrible advertising, are unavoidable.

Other than the ability to teach our daughter about and expose her to the beauty of team sport, competition, and physical fitness, this TV time allows corporate America ample time to sell us everything from enormous automobiles that we do not need to fast food that we do not want. The Mrs. has taken to address these glistening 18 inch+ cheeseburger images (on our 25″ TV) with the ever-popular toddler friendly phrase: Ewwww-Yucky!

So far, our girl is playing along. She will ask if a certain commercial is for fast food and say, unprompted, YUCKY! We have gone on to explain why we do not visit those establishments, along with most chain casual dining places. We do all of this in an attempt to drive home our family’s goal of using and buying only quality, wholesome food prepared with care and/or some inventive flare. We also like to support restaurants, markets, and grocery stores that actively display a passion for the farmer/producer (hopefully local), the food itself (hopefully somewhat decent for us, at least a fair portion of the time!), and for the eventual end-product (hopefully delicious and not too bad on the eyes either!)


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