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Back to Basics Junk, err, Toys

When we arrived home tonight, one piece of our Back to Basics Toy order was waiting for us. It was this archery set.

The box was mangled and held together, in parts, with a lot of household quality scotch tape. It clearly had been purchased and returned before…maybe twice…before finding it’s way to our front door! It was terrible looking inside and out. The Mrs. dialed up customer service to complain immediately. They told us they will send a new one…and to not even bother returning the one we have. That was an unexpected response.

Now, after seeing the archery set in person, we don’t want one of them, let alone two. We will keep the crappy one, maybe give it away to charity, and return the newer one, once it arrives. Interesting business plan Back to Basics Toys employs, to just send out another toy without asking for the old one back. Good for customers mind you, but unorthodox.


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