Random Toddlering

When Nature Calls…On The Road

If you have ever embarked on a road trip with your potty-trained toddlers and/or kids you surely have found yourself scrambling off an unknown highway exit in search of a usable, and not too scary, toilet. Those moments can come on 1/2 hour trips to a relative’s home or on a 10 hour vacation road trip, for the call of the Potty does not discriminate!

Well, next time your child calls out “Gotta Go!” – bypass the shady rest stop commode, port-a-potty and the dingy, dimly-lit gas station and their billy-club keychain, and head straight for a Hilton or Marriott hotel (or any other major chain such as Holiday or Days Inn, etc). Most major U.S. highways and bi-ways feature handy blue signs located to the right of the road with hotel logos and distances serving as quick and easy guides to the nearest clean potty.

These large hotel chains each have numerous incarnations of their brand under their Family umbrellas and can be found dotting America’s highways and byways Coast to Coast – be it the Hampton Inns or Homewood Suites by Hilton or the Fairfield or Residence Inns by Marriott. Each hotel is going to have available restrooms right in the lobby (usually around the corner from the front desk). These facilities are usually very clean, well stocked, and spacious. As for the front desk employee(s), for all they know you could be staying there already or about to check-in, so no one will ever say anything to you or stand in your way. The last thing a front desk hotel employee would want to do is bother or interogate a guest on the way to the bathroom!

As a bonus, if you are in a city or town that is new to you, grab some tourist literature on the way out. There is bound to be a brochure rack in or near the lobby as well. You never know, your child’s little pit stop may yield a future vacation or fun family outing that would have never been discovered otherwise!


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