Random Toddlering

Was there a 2am?

Was there a 2am this morning?

We wouldn’t know!

That is because our girl slept through the night, and thus provided herself, Mom, and Dad with a well needed and, frankly, well deserved night of peaceful Autumn slumber. The chilly kind, where you are enveloped between two sheets of flannel and you are convinced that the blustery scene taking place outside your window belongs to someone else, far far away.

I must qualify the first sentence in the paragraph above by stating that, honestly, I cannot say for sure whether she woke in the middle of the night or not. I believe myself and my wife got to the point where we were so tired from the previous 2 weeks worth of 2am issues, that we simply could not have responded to her calls, if any were emanating from her room to begin with.
This is not a new “solution”, far from it. Her cries and fussiness in the night that as an infant and younger toddler would come and go like the coastal tide were not, for sheer lack of a better word, solved by any parental genius, but rather by Mom and Dad being nearly unconscience as we slept, beat from the collective misery of previous evenings.
Typically, that is all it took – one night of unheard yelling and she would be back to herself, a self that sleeps from 8:30pm to 6:30am.

Hopefully, this old pattern holds true and last night marks the end of the 2am craziness.

Later this morning, we are heading over to our local Barnes and Noble for a reading of Spookley the Square Pumpkin and then a storewide trick or treat, with all the kids in costumes.


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