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Take Back Your Time Day – Oct 24th

Today is Take Back Your Time Day.

This sure seems like a worthwhile idea:

Between Take Back Your Time Day (October 24th) and January 1st, we invite you to choose any four time periods (“windows of time”) for slow, quiet, life-renewing activities, as an individual or with your family. For example, choose four Wednesday evenings, or four Saturday afternoons, or any four time periods that best fit your life and schedule. (They don’t all have to be the same. Even an hour here or there is fine–just take back whatever works for you.)

As does this:

Reclaim Family Dinnertime!

A subject near and dear to my heart – the family meal. I even wrote about it before.
And even though this event/initiative is being sponsored by Panera Bread, which one could argue is a player in the eat-on-the-rush/convenience-over-cooking trend, the Reclaim Family Dinnertime website does offer up some good information about the benefits of sitting down together as a family and sharing a meal – and also provides some alarming statistics highlighting what is more likely to occur if we do not reclaim this traditional aspect of home life.

Panera is promoting their stores as a home away from home, of sorts. A place where a family can sit down and enjoy a meal together. They are offering a decent coupon (the one in my area is two free salads with a pizza) for a limited time.


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