Random Toddlering

So much for the nightlight

Ok, that did not work! My daughter was up at 2am again last night.

I turned off the light, rocked her back to sleep, and rose at 6:15am. It was easier than the previous evenings with a shorter duration of hysterics…but this needs to stop!

No idea what I can try next – this one has me positively stumped.

She has not been like this, while healthy, since she was a baby. Back then she would cry it out and fall back asleep – our collective will was stronger than hers. Today, she is too clever and too old for us to simply allow her go nuts in her crib without some parental intervention.

We are eager to get her into a “big girl” bed, which she had experienced for the first time in our Paris apartment and did very well with, but with this new middle-of-the-night development that crib to single bed transition seems farther and father away.


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