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Scared of the dark?

The past few nights have been rough on Mr. and Mrs. OWTK. Our daughter seems to be dealing with two things right now:

1) A seasonal stuffy nose which is giving her trouble in the breathing department, while laying down. This nasal issue is waking her up around 1 or 2 o’clock A.M.
2) A new found fear-of or unease-with the dark.

She has not slept straight through in about a week, although it seems like a year!

Tonight, I asked her if leaving the nightlight on would help. She thinks it might. We are not exactly a nightlight family. I grew up with darkness while I slept and to this day, still end up with an uncomfortable evening’s worth of restless sleep if a light is left on in the bedroom. As a result, we have started her first 2.5 years in a similar dark fashion…until tonight.

When asked what scares her, she says “not monsters, just the dark”.

C’mon little nightlight, work your illuminated magic tonight!

Any tips for a toddler overcoming being scared of the dark? Comments certainly welcome!


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