Living Up to the Moniker

Somewhere around Memorial Day 2007, Out With The Kids will finally begin living up to our plural moniker. We are very excited to try this parenting thing all over again and usher in a new experiment, um, child into the world.

Our girl is super excited to know that there is a baby inside Mommy’s belly. We have begun showing our daughter her own ultrasound images from 3 years ago and various photos on the web of what her lil’ brother or sister looks like right now (a whoville-esque speck of dust) and what it will grow into over time.

She will be accompanying us on our next doctor’s visit to hear the baby’s heartbeat (we already “saw” it last week) and then a few weeks later to see the first official ultrasound.

Whoa! Here we go again!

*I have created some new designs over in our World’s Fair Cafe shop to “celebrate” the big news. We are proudly launching our new line of bibs, onsesies, tee shirts, and gifts featuring lil’ bro, big bro, lil’ sis, and big sis baby blocks.


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