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Coming to an End

OWTK is winding down our France Vacation. Over the past couple days we have been doing very little, which has been nice. The previous 48 hours saw us taking family naps, stopping by the Eiffel Tower one last time, hanging out in Luxembourg Gardens, riding the old fashioned carsoussel there, and preparing our luggage for the flight home on Friday.

We did tour the Cluny (Medivial Age) Museum on Wednesday. Lovely old building, but overall we were not very impressed. I wanted to see the Roman Baths underground, but that area was closed. We did see these headless statues from the 13th century and then the heads that presumably belong to the bodies.

Then we were back in front of the Eiffel Tower (One just cannot help taking pictures of this thing – it is awesome and awe inspiring). Remember that Paris (along with other old European cities) does not have tall skyscapers like in New York City, most of the “tall” buildings are a mere six stories high, so to see this giant metal stucture rising into the sky, from between buildings, on the river, from the Metro (the #6 train runs above-ground over the Seine and you go right past the Tower for a great and unique view) is something that never really gets old. We were back in this area to use up the last of the caroussel tickets we purchased earlier in the week. This time around we were part of a “glamorous” background, as we witnessed a fashion photo shoot. They must have been using the caroussel as a backdrop. I guess that makes sense considering the clothing the model is wearing.

Along the way, we took our Batobus again. That service did grow on me. We used it quite a bit to go from one part of the city to another up or down river.

We bumped into another American in Paris – none other than our third President, Thomas Jefferson. He was the ambassador to Paris and has a nice tall statue along the river.

The other day, we encountered a music video being filmed in front of the Louvre. No idea who the artist is, but I do believe it is this gentleman here (he was the one who kept checking his hair in the mirror brought forth by some assistant between each take).

Next: Our last posts from Paris – Luxembourg Garden and Apartment photos.

OWTK – live in Paris!


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