Random Toddlering

And the Halloween Costume winner is…

Regarding the Halloween costume selection, it looks like smallest resident of the house will be a ballerina for Halloween ’06. She fell in love with the idea of ballet in Provence, France.

In a story I neglected to share back then and a moment I so foolishly did not capture digitally and thus have ZERO family photos of – our daughter spotted, through a window and across a courtyard, some young girls practicing their ballet in an old stone building located just inside the walls of Avignon, near the Pont Saint-Benezet bridge. She stopped dead in her tracks and watched intently for a few moments before grabbing a nearby railing and mimicing their movements (bending the knees, bowing the legs, etc). It was a charming scene, one that will live on only in the feeble memories of her parents.

Since then she has mentioned ballerinas from time to time, with Zoe (from Sesame Street) and an old toy ballet bar in her Grandmom’s basement as her only other points of reference. She seems stuck on the idea of dressing as one on 10/31, so this weekend will see us at some Halloween Adventure type of stores in search of a 3T custome that suits her.


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