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2006-2007 Theater Season under way

The new theater season is in full swing, and many theaters are once again offering both traditional and new/original children’s productions. Philadelphia finest theater with a full menu of high quality children’s theater, The Arden, will be performing Ferdinand the Bull and Roald Dahl’s The Big Friendly Giant this season. Older kids may also enjoy their regular season production of Through the Looking Glass Alice (a melding of Lewis Carrol’s Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass). Check with your local theater(s) to see what they may have this season for the younger set. If they do not currently produce kids plays or musicals, encourage them to consider the idea going forward.

Watching the eyes of a child while they witness live theater is a wonderful experience. I haveseen firsthand this joy with my 2 1/2 year old during Rumplestilstkin this summer in Maine and with my 8 year old nieces at the Arden last year, and the year before when they were 7.

Regardless of age, live theater is a special treat and this time of year usually offers the widest array of choices, as most theater schedules begin in the Fall and run through Spring.

To enhance the experience, consider borrowing from your library the book version of the play or musical you plan to attend. While it will take some of the magical mystery out of the day, it will better prepare your child for the story and what they will be seeing on stage (of course, you should expect differences, some of which may be drastic, between book versions and the stage adaptations – but that is all part of the wonder of a new experience!).
If a child has been briefed on the tale they will see performed, even just a bit, before stepping foot into the theater, their attention might NOT wander and it should allow for a great theater experience for all.


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