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Farewell Provence, Hello Paris!

Our time in Provence has come to an end. We saw lot of the area and did so without running ourselves completely ragged. The past couple days saw us in Les Baux de Provence and Avignon again. We tried to keep the driving to a minimum and did not want to venture too far away from our home during our last couple days. As we were revisiting some towns, the camera did not come out nearly as often. The first photo here is the top of St. Vincent Chapel in Les Baux de Provence. The second is the walled city of Avignon as seen from the half bridge – Le Pont Saint-Benezet. This is looking directly over the wall and at the Palace of the Popes.

William, our wonderful host brought us fresh croissants and baguettes again on our departure day. In all, he did this on five of our seven mornings in the Le Vieil Moulin. A delightful way to begin our days in Provence – with oven -fresh pastries and bread. These are a couple shots of the outside of our home there. The windows next to the water mill looked into our kitchen. The second photo is looking directly at the house, the front porch to the right. The next is a bit more to the right. You can see the steps leading up to another of the four hamlets on this property. The nice couple staying there this past week are from Denver, Colorado.

We took the 2pm train out of Avignon and arrived at our Paris Apartment a touch past 5pm. We are in a two bedroom apartment on Rue Vavin, one block from the southwestern corner of The Luxembourg Gardens. I have read that Rue Vavin is filled with Children’s Boutiques and toy stores. Uh no. Unfortunately, I discovered that bit of information after booking the apartment. The presence of such shops should be the equivalent of added a few more Euro onto the price of the apartment!

We plan on visiting the Louvre on Sunday. As it is the first Sunday of the month, the renowned museum is free to all. That is well within our price range! Also on Sunday, in the late afternoon/early evening, is the Luxembourg Gardens Marionette Show. With any luck, we will take a few spins around a Parisian carousel as well!

The forecast for much of this week in Paris calls for rain, which is unfortunate. Hopefully we get a bit of good luck and it remains mostly dry during our stay.

Tomorrow – a look at our Apartment, the Louvre, Luxembourg Gardens…

OWTK – live in Paris!


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