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On Wednesday we visited Aix-en-Provence, the home of Cezanne, for a few hours. This city intimidated the heck out of me last time we toured Provence and I never did get to see it (from the inside). Then, I was only 2 days into my first stick shift experience and the tight streets, hills, and traffic of Aix was too much for me. That was not a good day. This time around I was cruising in my tiny automatic car and was fearing nothing. The city was nice but I do not think we spent enough time there to fully appreciate it and soak it in. We did, however, spend a small fortune on our daughter’s fall wardrobe (pictures may follow – eBay style, with the outfits laid out flat on the floor). There is a kid’s clothing store in Aix that had the most adorable fall/winter pants, skirts, tops, and sweaters. The prices were fair (close to a Children’s Place or Gymboree back in the States). Of course, the US Dollar vs. Euro did not help at all, but what the heck – she is only going to be 2.5 years old in Provence once in her life!

The streets of Aix were packed with cars and people, so I kept the camera in it’s bag for much of the afternoon. I did, however, need to take a photo of these shoes. Very cool and very pricey! We are a little crazy, but not crazy enough to spend nearly $380 US on a pair of shoes (although I know a dapper young man who is!).

On Thursday, OWTK was in Roussillon – maybe one of the prettiest places on Earth. We also drove through Bonnieux and Menerbes as our girl enjoyed a well-earned nap after much walking and climbing and jumping in Roussillon. Look for the next – very photo heavy – post early Friday morning.

OWTK – live in Provence!


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