Sesame Place – A Potty Training Prize (Rescheduled)

Our daughter’s prize for successfully transitioning to underwear was, as previously mentioned on Out With The Kids, a day out at Sesame Place. The originally scheduled day turned out to be one of the summer’s hottest here on the East Coast, with the tempature ballooning to nearly 100 degrees. Naturally, that day out was postponed.

The new date is Friday, September 1st. The whole family is again on board and qualified for a group rate of $21 per person/prepaid (as compared to the $42 standard fare). A fair deal. We only have 14 in our party but buying 15 x $21 as a group and burning the extra ticket is better than paying $42 x 14 people. The group rate gets even better after 9/4, dropping to under $18 per person. Also, groups receive a complimentary 16th ticket when 15 are purchased.

The Sesame Place online advanced ticketing system advises that groups purchase their tickets at least ten days out of their anticipated arrival date. In fact, the site will not allow you to continue should your date be within this time period. We ordered our 15 tickets exactly ten days before and received them via FedEx an impressive 2 days later (overnight shipping is a courtesy, which is nice). The arrival date field in the ordering process does not lock you and your group into coming on that day (athough it may appear so), the tickets are good for a seasonal date range. The purpose of entering the date seems to be to prevent folks from ordering within ten days, thus eliminating the chance that a pack of tickets does not arrive on time.

As of seven days-out, the September 1st weather forecast calls for abundant sunshine and a high tempature of 86 F. Sign me up!

Expect a full report, with pictures, of the Sesame Place experience shortly after Labor Day Weekend.

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