Peanut Butter & Ellies – A Cafe for Kids

The OWTK family has never been to Portland, Oregon but the presence of this cafe for kids may be enough to justify a future family vacation! Not to be confused with “kid-friendly” or simply a restaurant with ultra-limited kids menu, Peanut Butter & Ellie’s is a dining establishment specifically in the business of serving good, natural, and interesting food to children (and their adult companions).

PB&E’s was recently featured on the Food Network program Unwrapped and earlier this year, mentioned in USA Today – so the secret is officially out of the bag! In fact, they have announced on their site, that while the original PB&E’s is currently undergoing renovations, they are looking to expand and turn the PB&E idea into a franchise. Sounds extremely tempting to us…

…So, while we scrap together the funds to open our little cafe someday we will continue to be in awe of their experiment and their success. OWTK encourages all those who find themselves living in or traveling through the Portland area with kids to pay them a visit. They seem like good folks promoting some of the same causes as OWTK: raising healthy, happy, and interesting young people. They are also quite active in their own community, hosting numerous parenting groups and providing links to organizations tackling tough societal issues such as protecting kids from pervasive corporate marketing – another one near and dear to Out With The Kids. In fact, we recently designed a tee shirt over at our Cafe Press shop addressing the disturbing and ever-growing use of our kids as commercial entities.

Peanut Butter & Ellie’s serves up homemade peanut butter, baby food and a variety of other food and drink options focusing on organic, local, and sustainable products – all at fair prices (between $3.50-$10 for most entrees). Those prices are lower than most restaurant’s frozen, thawed, and fried kid’s chicken finger platter! Check out the full PB&E menu.

There is a $1 off coupon available to print, color, and use until 11/31/2006 (which may mean, technically, December 1st as there are only 30 days in the eleventh month of the year).

Out With The Kids

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