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Dial up some fun

All kids love phones, it is written in stone somewhere. Most children these days, having been raised in a digital world, are no longer impressed (or impressed for very long) with big bulky plastic pretend phones – they just don’t cut it anymore! Combine that fact with our own insatiable appetite for new technology (Its ok to admit. We know how hard it is not to be starry-eyed with these fancy-shmancy devices) and you probably have a great toy hiding amid your junk-drawer clutter.

If you keep them charged they will have all the colors, noises, and fun of your everyday cellphone but with no chance of an outbound international call being accidentally made!

Old cellphones can and do make for excellent toddler toys but be sure your device does not have any small unscrewable or removable parts, such as an antenna, that can be swallowed by your little ones.

Additionally, old digital cameras (with viewable LCD screens) will delight most any young child. Our daughter regularly plays with our old 1 megapixel Kodak. She will line up her bears and dolls, pretends to have them say “Cheese!” and snaps away. We have removed the memory card, but she can still store a couple dozen photos. Her face lights up when she sits down to look at the images she has captured.

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