Chitty Chitty Bang Bang – Sharing a childhood favorite with our daughter

In response to The Lovely Mrs. Davis Tells You Want To Think’s question, to celebrate the launch of Sesame Street’s 37th season this Tuesday:

What television, music, movie or book from your childhood are you excited about sharing with your own children?

We at Out With The Kids are quite giddy in anticipation of introducing, on film and on the stage, our daughter to my wife’s favorite childhood movie, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. The 1968 movie, based on the Ian Fleming book, starring Dick Van Dyke and Sally Ann Howes is a hilarious ride with many funny moments and touching songs. Chitty is a bit goofy and campy, yes…but it remains a wonderful and classic family film.

Before there was a lil’ OWTK, my wife and I saw Chitty performed on London’s West End – complete with flying car – and were amazed at how brilliant the stage show was. The production recently blew through Broadway but our daughter was far too young for that experience. We are keeping our fingers crossed that the stage success, on both sides of the pond, will lead to a revival of this stage show in a few years allowing us to take in the show as a family.

We are also excited to introduce her to Fragile Rock, Peanuts Comic Strips, and Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood.

Also, we are thinking about taking our girl to see Mary Poppins on Broadway next year – after she turns three in March. Another childhood classic that we cannot wait to share with her.

Out With The Kids

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