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At the Car Wash – A Cure for the Oppressive Heat

Here is an idea for some good ol’ fashion family fun that is as productive as it is enjoyable. Get in your bathing suits or old clothes, grab the hose, a bucket, multi-purpose cleaner/soap, a few rags and/or sponges, the radio/cd player and wash the family car together. This activity is a blast with little kids still facsinated with water, bubbles, and the like and involves teamwork, physical activity, and being outdoors. The results should be a lot of laughter, clean car(s), and wet bottoms.

A few tips before you head outside:

  • Pay attention to the cleaner/soap you use. Many are not appropriate for use on car paint. A product like this is what should be used to ensure no damage is done or slimey residue left behind.
  • Make sure it is not supposed to rain (it can be rather demoralizing to see your hard work literally washed away).
  • Roll up all the car windows – you only want to wash the OUTSIDE of the car!
  • Have a few extra towels set aside for drying (waterstains will make the car look dirtier than when you started). You will also want to dry yourselves off before heading back indoors.
  • If employing your real little ones in this endeavor, have a separate bucket just for them with water and a gentle soap (Mr. Bubbles from the bathtub will work perfectly!). You will not want your young kids working with a Mr. Clean-type of chemical product.

Out With The Kids

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