So Much Time So Little To Do – Currency Tracking is a U.S. currency tracking “game” that may be a lot of fun for your older kids. The idea is pretty simple. You register a bill ($1, $5, etc) by entering it’s denomination, serial number, and series. You then add your zip code and any extra info about the bill (it’s condition, where you received it, etc).

Once your bill is registered, you will discover whether someone else has already logged the bill in the past and chart it’s path to you. If you’re the first to log the bill, you can keep up with it as it circulates across the country (and world, potentially) and is registered by others in the future (this assumes you release your little bill back into the world by spending it!). Your kids will be able to see how far a single piece of currency can travel and how long it takes to move around the country and the world.

This is an ambitious project that needs a lot of folks involved to be effective and robust – So log on and enter your bills today (and tell your friends)!

This is a fun little project that only takes a few minutes and can be a perfect segway into conversations about, well…money (the economy, U.S. Mints, the symbols and words on the currency), travel and distances, geography, and a whole lot more.

Here is a $1 bill OWTK recently registered. Take a look at the report generates.

For our Canadian friends, check out and register your dollars as well.

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